FINALLY! The Future Lost game is officially released! New version 1.1.0 is officially available for players all over the world to enjoy. This new version brings several new things for you to fall in love with!

1. NEW CRAFTING SYSTEM. Each card is made from three of the different crafting resources now. Metal Ingots for creating a card frame, Entity Stones for giving a meaning to a card and Magical Essences that bind them together and finishes the crafting process.
2. SALVAGING. Each card that is not needed by you can be salvaged to get different crafting resources.
3. HUGE CAMPAIGN UPDATE. The first Future Lost campaign is now finished, you have more then 60 missions to enjoy.
4. CAMPAIGN PRIZES UPDATE. PvE chests now contain crafting resources that can be used to craft different cards, including the Legendary ones.
5. NEW LEAGUE SYSTEM. As you climb the PvP ladder, you will also climb a ladder of Leagues. Higher Leagues give you an access to craft better cards and to battle with more skilled opponents from all over the world.
6. CARDS BALANCING. Rogue Elementalist card now gives bonuses to Elemental creatures instead of self. Raging Phantom became cheaper and now can ignore the Protector Effect. Fog Elemental now cannot ignore the Protector Effect.
7. PVP HP INCREASED. In PvP both players now have 30 HP instead of 20HP.
8. LOST OF NEW ANIMATION AND EFFECTS. Future Lost became even more beautiful then it was!
9. NEW AVATARS. We added some new avatars for you to enjoy.
10. SHOP UPDATE. The in-game shot is now updated, It sells crafting resources and avatars as well as cards, card packs, gold and rubies.
11. LOOT CHESTS. Free bonus chests are now called Loot Chests and contain random resources. You also can get some rubies from them!
12. NEW CARD BACK. Card Backs are now changed to a new design.