Game Update

What’s New:

1. STARTING HAND CARDS EXCHANGE. From now on if you do not like your starting cards, you can ask to replace any number of them before starting the duel. Instead of having no card draw during first turn, first player has 1 less cards in his/her starting hand.
2. NEW CARDS: Unstable Cyborg, Deadly Domination, Rebirth, Force of Nature, Wise Ghost, Desert Rager, Fog Elemental, General Musk, Empathy, Rogue Paladin, Ancient Priest, Verdant Bloom, Calm Spectre, Curiosity.
3. CRAFT TUNING. Crafting recipes changed to be more balanced.
4. CRAFT LINKS. From now on you can jump between crating of needed cards.
5. NEW INTERFACE WINDOW. New Arena availability is now shown in a special interface window.
6. IN-GAME STATE ICONS. Special Icons will inform you f anything new that happens in the game.
7. NEW CHESTS. New chests and rewards added to the game.
8. NEW ARENAS. Two now arenas were added.
9. NEW VFX. Some new beautiful visual effects were added to cards and arenas.
10. BUGS FIXED. Some bugs fixed in the battle mechanics, in the shop and in some chests that could contain token cards.
Третья FINALLY! The Future Lost game is officially released! New version 1.1.0 is officially available for players all over the world to enjoy. This new version brings several new things for you to fall in love with!